Forgive me if I do a little self promotion this month, but I want our readers to know about a new resource that we hope will benefit technology specialists in churches and just Christians who enjoy tech like we do. That’s where the Theotek News Podcast and Hangout comes in.


Whose Hanging Out

Every two week Antoine Wright form Mobile Ministry Magazine (, LaRosa Johnson of Olive Tree Bible Software and The Urban Scholar ( and a special guests join us, the Three Stooges of Church Tech, to talk about the latest in church, worship and Bible tech.

We’ve only done a few shows so far, but we’re proud of the discussions. You can go back and check out the past episodes and join us as we get together again next time. More on where later.


What’s In Store

Each couple of weeks we’ll discuss the current news related to Bible software, church technology, worship technology and the tech industry in general. For example, during our first episode, the news that Harper Collins just bought Olive Tree broke so LaRosa filled us in on the details and explained how he learned about the news as an employee of the Olive Tree.

This past week we talked about what the news out of Apple that broke during their WWDC 2014 developers conference. We talked about what they announced and what it means to the church and Christians using Appple’s products.

It’s not always about news. We talked about ways users can leverage the great Evernote note taking and information saving service for ministry ( That was during our second episode. We also talked about sermon prep workflow this last time with special guest, Pastor and Church Tech guru Wes Allen.

We will do our next Theotek News Podcast and Hangout soon. Join us to learn about how Google’s announcements at their Google I/O developers conference effects church technology. We will also cover any other church tech news and give some helpful recommendations and tips for tools, software and hardware ready for you to use in your ministry.


Where and When

You can find us at where all of the old episodes show up soon after we finish. To join us live, be sure to follow me on Google+ using my website address or on Twitter at

The dates for July episodes will be July 1, 15 and 29. We start at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time or 7:00 p.m. on the West coast. Our next episode will feature the Three Stooges of church technology, Antoine, LaRosa and me. We’ll also be joined by Dr. Joe Miller, a professor and preacher who uses Bible software and has helped a lot of people figure out how to get the most out of Logos Bible Software with his helpful More Than Cake videos on Youtube (