Last week marked the start of a new video series on the blog — Rainer Report. Each Wednesday I’m providing you with a new video specifically geared toward helping you grow a healthy church. I pray that these will encourage and motivate you in your ministry to your church and its community.

If you have specific topics you’d like to see me cover in future editions of Rainer Report, use the comments below to let me know. Also, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you’ll never miss a new video.


  1. Learning is moving from written to audio
  2. “The Audible Factor”
  3. Beyond podcasts, how can churches get creative with audio
  4. Video is still vitally important: The Facebook Live Factor

Some highlights from today’s Rainer Report:

  • With the acceleration of audio innovation, sermons are much more accessible to listeners outside of the church.
  • Beyond podcasting, what creative ways could your church use audio?
  • Online audio is a preferred means of learning now.

Does your church use audio to connect with members or guests? Share your examples below.

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