The Monarch LCS seamlessly integrated within their environment, instantly working with their existing set-up, while also supporting RTMP — necessary to live stream to YouTube.

“Our volunteers and deacons had no trouble handling the transition to the LCS,” said Ishak. “With its intuitive user interface, the operation of the LCS is straightforward and very easy to stream live to the world.” In fact, the Monarch LCS allowed the church to be up and running weeks before their Easter deadline. In the 4 months since moving to the LCS, the church has successfully webcast its services to over 22,000 viewers.

Exceeding Expectations

The Monarch LCS allowed Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s to go beyond their initial requirements. With the Monarch LCS, they realized they could enhance the remote viewing experience by tapping into the appliance’s second input and its side-by-side production mode support.


“We encourage our congregants to follow the text during the service — to meditate on it and explore it in more depth,” said Father Peter Saad, priest of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. “We play this text on screens in the sanctuary so everyone can follow the progression.

To accomplish this, the church employs an interesting solution: running the “Coptic Reader” app on a tablet and passing this feed through the Monarch LCS’s second HDMI input. This not only allows them to pass the reader along to the screens throughout the sanctuary but also provide a single side-by-side stream featuring both the camera feed and the “Coptic Reader.” When pushed to the web, this presentation format ensures a more complete worship experience for remote parishioners.

Beyond its ability to stream side by side, the Monarch LCS has provided a consistently noticeable improvement in video performance and quality allowing the church to expand its reach. Its second encoder has allowed the church to stream to Facebook Live as well as YouTube. With over 1,700 Facebook followers, this added feature was a major bonus, which only furthers their mission.

“Like most small and medium-sized churches, Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church needed to offer consistent, high-quality streaming with production value, without the need to invest in major production level equipment,” noted Francesco Scartozzi, director of sales (Americas), Matrox. “Matrox offers congregations the ability to easily expand their reach, at an affordable price. This installation really showcases the potential for the Monarch LCS to give houses of worship a platform to extend their message to a larger, more engaged congregation.”

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