I’ve previously written about ways to improve announcements in your church, and I briefly mentioned there why I like video-recorded announcements. Here are my other reasons for taking this approach:

  1. You can cover a lot of announcements in a concise way. Recording allows you to monitor time, focus the material, and deal with several topics in a short amount of time.
  2. It limits the time used for announcements. Most of us have endured announcements that went on WAY too long. Recording and editing can fix that issue.
  3. It provides an opportunity to use several church members. You’ll need members to coordinate the announcements, do them on camera, man the camera, and edit the video. For some of these folks, this opportunity may be the first time they’ve used their gifts for the work of the church.
  4. It gives opportunities for creativity. For some churches, creativity and humor fit better in a recorded announcement than they would in a live announcement in the worship center.
  5. It allows time to correct errors, etc., before releasing the announcements. Re-recording and editing are great gifts for fallible people . . . .
  6. It captures the attention of young generations. We may not like it, but these generations have been raised on video. They’ll likely listen more to these announcements than to live announcements.
  7. It provides a resource for emails or website announcements. Those who miss the worship service can still hear the announcements via email attachments or website content.
  8. You don’t have to tackle this approach alone. Do a Google search or talk to friends, and you’ll find many available resources to do video announcements well (and, you MUST do these well if you want them to be effective).
  9. It might be an open door to using audiovisual for other purposes in the service. For those churches who may still not be using audiovisual approaches, doing announcements this way might be a first acceptable step.
  10. It requires you to plan ahead of time. Recording announcements requires coordination and planning — and many churches need to learn to do both.

If your church uses video announcements, give us your reflections.

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