Community outreach is a key component of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Churches which reach out to where they work and live effectively grow in size and scope of influence. This in turn helps with what all Christians are called to do: the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

But too often churches make the misstep of not reaching out in an effective way to the people they’re trying to impact. Whether it be finding it difficult to connect with new people or problems staying connected with them, it can be tough and disheartening.


97% of all churches do specific outreach… but are they reaching out effectively?” – Ellison Research


According to the authors of the ministry guide “Organized and Effective Outreach,” it is something which is attainable.

“In (our) guide, we introduce numerous practical ways to overcome the difficulties associated with outreach,” said the authors of ‘Organized and Effective Outreach.’ “There are many useful strategies and tools available to help (churches) move forward with outreach and begin to see the positive results (they) desire.”


There are several practical suggestions in the “Organized and Effective Outreach” to help both the novice church and those who may need a little tweaking in their current outreach program. They include:

  1. Researching your target audience
  2. Finding ways to drive people to visit your church
  3. Making people feel welcome
  4. Reaching people through events
  5. Mobilizing and equipping members to invite people
  6. Tracking attendance
  7. Publicizing your ministry and events to the community through various communications outlets
  8. Getting involved in what is already going on in and around your community
  9. Using the right tools
  10. Committing to a good follow-up plan


“Outreach begins when you start taking steps to make it happen. With a strategic approach and the proper tools, your church can move forward with outreach right away,” said the authors of the “Organized and Effective Outreach” ministry guide.

To break it down even further, there’s several subsections of the ways listed above to provide effective outreach, including:


Research your target audience

  • Pay attention to community demographics.
  • Take note of the demographics within your organization.

Empower your members to reach out to the community

  • Prepare them with teaching.
  • Give them necessary tools.

Set up and create events, services, and activities

  • Create a task team to decide on the outreach events and activities.
  • Find people to serve at these events and keep track of these volunteers.
  • Use the right tools for tracking your outreach events and the people in them.

Get people to your outreach events

  • Advertise and market the events.
  • Find people through community efforts and outside activities.
  • Invite these people.

Connect and commit after the outreach

  • Follow up with guests who attended the events and services.
  • Get these people involved.


“There are a number of things your church can do specifically to spread the word. Many churches have had success with handing out literature such as tracts or magazines, mailing invitations or postcards to non-members in neighborhoods, organizing small groups that meet throughout the community, targeting sections of the church website specifically for outreach, creating email invitation templates that can be used by your members for outreach and setting up booths at community events, school registrations and other functions,” said the authors of Organized and Effective Outreach.

Use the outreach ideas we’ve provided – like utilizing your church website, social media, and even event publicity – to keep people committed to your church and achieve true ministry impact in the community and beyond.

These solutions can help you rise above the challenges faced when trying to establish a successful outreach ministry. By applying them, your church will be primed for growth and impact in your community. Not only will you be able to make your outreach ministry effective and organized, but you’ll also be able to turn your members into inviters and plan ahead for even tighter attendance tracking and volunteering.


Ease The Burdens Of Your Church Staff

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