When I used to do the Prime Time America show (Moody Broadcasting) I was on every week for about 15 minutes, normally on Wednesdays.  I would present items concerning technology that was in the news. Of course there are dozens of announcements concerning technology every day, but I would pick out the ones that I felt would impact all of us down the road. And, I would normally pick an item that I found entertaining! I was on Prime Time America for 15 years, until Moody decided to retire the program.

Over those years, listeners would ask me to send them an email with the subjects I had talked about, and we developed a special mailing once a month that shared my “What’s Hot” items in email form. However, when the radio show ended, we stopped providing the email shortly afterward.

We have decided to bring it back! Readers still ask about it, and, whenever I am asked to speak at a conference or convention, I am always requested to do a session on “What’s Hot”.

You may have noticed a special email from us earlier this month with our first edition of “What’s Hot” in 2015. Watch for a new post, one each month, as I seek to keep us with all of the technology news and pick out the key stories I think you will like to hear about!

Some years technology news is slow, but so far, 2015 looks to be an exciting year as new products, services and technology advances impact our lives! Hope you enjoy the new emails!