Do you really need church software to complete your mission? This is a debate I’ve heard multiple times. Churches, ministries, and non-profits are so incredibly people-based and by definition, relational. Working in a non-profit of some sort, you’re here to serve the people in your community. So why would you need software to do that?

Church software doesn’t do your mission, but extends your ability to live into your mission.

Church software won’t get people to your gatherings or make them donate time or money to your organization. It won’t send little robots out to each member of your community to make sure their information is up to date or follow up with them when they’ve missed a few events (maybe in the future…). It can, however, give you a simple, unified system to keep track of everything going on in your community, all in one place – so you’re able to get a notice when someone misses a few gatherings or send messages to the whole community reminding them of an upcoming event. Using one or two key tools to manage your organization will ensure you’re not losing data between multiple platforms with multiple users. One strong piece of church software gives you a concise, cohesive view of your communities health.

Imagine being able to log in from home and send that email you forgot to earlier in the day, already having all the contact information, artwork, and calendar right in front of you? No more running back and forth between home and office, (or between your home and other volunteer’s homes). This just makes more sense, but it frees up time to really live out your mission. Volunteers work remotely without sacrificing quality or cohesiveness for your organization. Instead of having scraps of paper stuffed in pockets and folders containing people’s information, you can keep it all in one place, accessible to all of the leaders in your organization instantly to free up time that they can spend with the people in your community.

So back to our question; Do you need church software to complete your mission? Well, that’s ultimately up to you, but I would say yes. Great church software helps free up time to focus on the things that really need your attention – the people in your community.