The New Year is always a great time to think about making this a good year for your tech equipment.

There are some items in your tech inventory that absolutely require regular maintenance to work effectively and obtain the full expected lifespan of each device.

• Video Projectors:

Traditional video projectors use lamps that generate massive amounts of heat and require unimpaired air flow through the body of the projector to remove that heat. Projectors have filters on the air intakes to keep out dust and dirt, and these filters get clogged over time.

Failing to do so will reduce the life of the lamp and electronic components, and can also lead to the lamp exploding and damaging the imager and electronics. You should be cleaning these filters regularly—refer to the manual for the projector to see their recommended maintenance schedule.

Lamps should also be replaced as soon as the lamp replacement light comes on; failing to do so can also lead to a lamp explosion.

• Moving Lights:

Just like video projectors, traditional (non-LED) moving lights have lamps that generate a lot of heat and need their filters cleaned. Other maintenance may also be needed. Again, refer to the manual to see what service is needed and how often.

• Video cameras:

Cameras need their lenses cleaned, and can benefit from other maintenance such as sensor cleaning as well.

That [specific] maintenance isn’t generally able to be performed by the end-user; however, Canon (for example) offers plans where you can send your camera in on a regular basis to have maintenance performed. Other manufacturers may have maintenance plans as well.

• Dimmer Racks:

Lighting dimmers also have air intake filters that need regular cleaning, and the dimmer modules removed and cleaned.

There may be other items that benefit from regular maintenance as well. At the very least, keeping everything clean is a good idea. Take inventory of your tech equipment and consider which items need regular maintenance.

But let’s face it:

The typical church rarely performs the needed maintenance on items like these.

Tech staff and volunteers are often overloaded with services, events, and prep work, leaving no time for maintenance tasks. It may be well worth your time and the financial investment to contract with a local AVL company to come in on a regular basis to perform the needed maintenance tasks.

The cost of the service may well be offset by the extension it gives you on the lifespan of the products.

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