Today’s churches need solutions for today’s world. The church software Seraphim, answers that call by bringing modern technology into the fold.  What began as a teen social network for a local church has grown into a revolutionary way of approaching the church management industry.

Seraphim Church Software

Under one all-inclusive umbrella, Seraphim Software built a system founded on member management. It also included financial tools and ministry planning. But his ChMs kept reaching for more.  Seraphim listened to member’s needs. It grew their model to include modules such as safe child check-in, analytics and even a mobile church app.   Seraphim knows churches must look to the future in order to keep growing. They continue to add and amend features, displaying an essential understanding of the inner-workings of a church. These powerful tools build communication bridges between church administration, staff, leaders, volunteers and the entire congregation.

By launching the first ever commercial church data warehouse, Seraphim Insight,  ChMS empowers churches at an even deeper level.  Seraphim Insight allows clients to mine data from Seraphim attendance, finance, giving, serving, and profiling information. It enables them to answer questions that would be impossible to answer with just reports.

Co-founders, Sam Batterman, CTO, and Chris Caldwell, CFO, continue to build this forward-thinking organization. Batterman and Caldwell now lead a staff of more than 20 employees and serve over 150 churches nationwide.

When asked about their biggest challenges since Seraphim’s inception, Batterman remarked, “It’s not just church management anymore. This is a much bigger space than 5 years ago, maybe even 2 years.”

“Years ago you could be just on the PC, offering one user experience for all people. Not any more.” Batterman added. “Now we work with multiple platforms, multiple devices, and each implementation must be unique to the user experience.”

Solutions for the Church

The company’s main goal is to offer the most advanced church management solutions. At the same time it wants to relieve each church of the complexity of this constantly changing technology. Seraphim believes that churches should be able to connect and engage with their congregation more than once or twice a week. They have created the ways to do just that.

For instance, Seraphim rethought the Church Management App from the ground up. It integrated all stages of involvement, from volunteering to giving, to following the church service, listening to the sermon, doing bible study, and updating personal information. All of this is under each church’s brand.

AirStream is an example of one of Seraphim’s newest applications. It offers churches all they need to create, present and stream Sunday’s service.  Using AirStream, users are able to collaborate and communicate with one another. They are able to build and run presentations whether at church, at home or on the go. Basically, Seraphim Software simplifies everything, even cost of ownership. With a subscription-pricing model, users pay as they go and pay for what they use.

The cornerstone of Seraphim is not about one single feature, but how each piece works together to provide a total church solution – not a product – that satisfies every stakeholder.  Specific features include:

  •      Mobile Church App
  •      Member Management
  •      Ministry Planner
  •      Finance Tools
  •      Reporting & Analytics
  •      Giving Tools
  •      Cherub Safe Check-in
  •      Gift/Skill based volunteer matching
  •      Attendance Tracking

Seraphim church software is cloud based

Moreover, there are no “versions” of Seraphim. A single version of Seraphim exists across all customers. No need to buy servers or network equipment. No need to worry about backing up your database. Seraphim does that for you, maximizing your computer’s hardware while leveraging the Cloud as centralized storage.  Users can access updated content from anywhere with Internet access.

As a cloud based platform, Seraphim is in a state of ongoing delivery. It always releases and improves.  Similar to powerful apps like Office 365, Adobe Connect or Spotify, Seraphim continuously updates users.  Users are perpetually pushed new capabilities, all from the same system, based on current client’s needs.  In 2016 alone Seraphim had over 100+ platform updates. No other ChMS listens to churches so closely.

“Our churches are our advisory board, pushing Seraphim to new directions unseen in the church management space,” Caldwell noted. “We are building tools that allow churches to communicate with their members and guests in ways that they want.”

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