Choosing the Perfect Church Event Solution

You’ve worked long and hard to prepare for your church’s upcoming children’s

ministry conference. If all goes well, this will be the first of many such gatherings.

But you know that if you’re not able to manage the promotion and registration for

the event, it doesn’t matter how well-organized the conference is. You need a church event

solution that will make the reservation and money-handling process as simple and

intuitive as possible.

To make it work, this event solution has to fire on multiple cylinders. You need to be

able to:

– Register attendees

– Take money up front

– Receive all the appropriate information, i.e., what size t-shirts to order

– Easily monitor progress with a glance

Let’s take a look at some of your options.

1. Do it offline

I can’t imagine any scenario where someone would think this was a tenable choice.

But you could put a sign-up sheet in your lobby, and have people email, phone, or

text you to RSVP or register.

Obviously, choosing to handle an event in this fashion is going to reflect poorly on

your conference before it even begins. You’re going to need to come up with a much

better solution than this.

2. Use a premium tool

Using a service like Eventbrite or Brown Paper Tickets might seem like a good idea

but there are some serious drawbacks.

Unless your event is free, it’s a more expensive option that will cut into the

profitability of your event. This usually includes a set dollar amount per ticket and a

percentage of the ticket’s value.

Their market for promoting events isn’t always church friendly. Someone can log in

to look for your conference under local events and be met with a myriad of

questionable options.

With some of these enterprise-level services, you do not receive the money raised

from the event until the event is over.

3. Use an economy tool

Another option is to use a generic form tool like Google or Wufoo forms coupled

with a payment provider like Paypal, Stripe, or Google Checkout. The biggest

advantage is that it’s a cost-efficient solution, but that also contributes to its


It’s not going to mesh with your church database, so you’re going to have to do more

work to juggle various elements together.

It’s not an elegant solution. It will look like exactly what it is: some complementary

tools hacked together to do the job. Forget about a consistent branding experience!

4. Use echurch Events

Powerful and elegant, the new echurch Events tool is a perfect middle ground

between the premium event platforms and more cost-conscious alternatives. Unlike

the high-priced choices, it’s created with the church in mind, and it is more

productive and powerful than the bottom-tier choices.

Consider these features:

1.    Easily create an attractive and branded website where people can register for

your event.

2.    Accept credit cards online with your Pushpay merchant account.

3.    Track cash and check payments offline.

4.    Quickly see important stats: how many attendees, how much money has come

in, t-shirt sizes, etc.

5. Get the information you need by creating custom questions for the registration


6.    Receive funds immediately instead of needing to wait until the end of the event.

7.    Effortlessly integrate payments with the most popular database systems.

Event registration has been the most requested tool for churches using Pushpay,

and we’re excited to roll out this robust tool. Since the key to cost efficiency lies in

using the same tool to accomplish many important tasks, this is a perfect time for

churches to start using Pushpay for as their mobile giving solution while enjoying

the benefit of the echurch event tool.

If you’re interested in discovering even more ways that Pushpay can help you

engage your congregation, schedule a demo of the total engagement package.

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