Web church connect reviews: fashion vs function. I was at Best Buy last week looking for headphones. I saw some name-brand earphones for forty dollars. They were stylish and cool — looked great aesthetically. But the quality of sound was as good as a ten dollar pair of knock-offs. Were they worth the extra thirty bucks just for the “stylish” and “cool?” Which is the better buy?


It’s important to remember that a big name doesn’t always guarantee better quality. There may be databases out there that are popular because they have great branding, they know how to market their product, or they’ve been around a while. But the real question to ask is, what is the quality or value of the product? And what services are you actually getting for the amount of money you are spending? What we’ve found is that most people are looking for something that is user-friendly, easy to customize, and affordable. More than anything, you want simplicity. Something you can figure out and manage without needing to reference a user-manual. Simplicity is key. Unfortunately, a lot of the eye-catching databases out there offer simplicity, yes. But with the simplicity, there is little room if any, for customization. We all know that churches are as diverse as Converse and high heels. Having the ability to create and customize options that fit right for each individual church is a must.


The beauty that WCC-Lite has isn’t only skin-deep. You can dig past the surface and you will find that it’s’ worth goes beyond it’s beautiful interface. WCC-Lite provides you with the tools you need to design and handcraft your database to accommodate your specific church needs without sacrificing simplicity or functionality. Sometimes “pretty” or “popular” limits your ability to change or modify the standard 1-2-3 process set in place for you. But no one wants or has the time to learn a database that is not user-friendly and requires extensive training. WCC-Lite is extremely user-friendly and customizable-allowing you to set up what you want, how you want it. It is easy to learn, fully responsive, powerful and affordable.


Our culture at WCC-Lite is also one of the things that sets us apart from other companies. We have a commitment to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our clients are taken care of with utmost care and attention. While most businesses are primarily focused on financial gain, that is not our priority at WCC-Lite. We have created our software to be affordable in order to allow churches of all sizes to benefit from what we have to offer with price never being a hinderance. Our goal is to partner with the vision of our churches to help them in their mission of reaching and ministering effectively to more people. We believe in working together as one body of Christ towards one mission of building the Kingdom.


The Communication systems we have put in place make sure that people don’t fall through the cracks. Proper follow-up to members and visitors creates a healthy environment for personal and community growth. Communications with your members via email and text is seamless and extremely convenient in WCC-Lite. First, you can create static and dynamic groups to filter out the specific people in your database you want to communicate with, then send out bulk messages via email/text immediately, or at a scheduled date of your choosing. Each email you send out can have your church logo, personalized email signature, and populate the first name of every person you are sending it to along with the day’s date.


WCC-Lite allows you to make a lot of your communication and management of your members automatic. Create campaigns to automatically follow up with your first-time visitors, new members, new Christians, etc. Our Assimilations module is especially useful as it is the area in the database that helps ensure there is efficient follow-up with your people. You can generate personalized automated emails, texts and letters that are triggered by specific criteria you set up. These tools are vital to keeping a healthy church connected and thriving.


If you are looking for a way to track member’s attendance and donations, your search is over. WCC-Lite makes it easy to track member activity. Once you set it up, WCC-Lite does the work for you, making life for your staff easy, and nearly stress-free. Best of all, it frees up your staff to focus on the important stuff, leaving the little things to take care of themselves. We like to refer WCC-Lite as a “virtual personal assistant.”


Our Donations area gives you the ability to track total giving, manage pledges, create pledge drives, view member giving, run reports, print statements, and offer online giving to your members! Our online giving integration is simple and quick. Your Givers may choose to do a one-time donation, or they may schedule multiple donations at one time to come out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Once an online donation is made, you are able to merge the Giving to the appropriate member so the system keeps track of who gave what. Search for specific donations, funds, organizations, amounts, batches, payment methods, and specific dates, then edit, export, or print your results.


Member profiles contain personal, contact, family and household information to help you manage your members with ease. You will find all tracked and recorded attendance, as well as ministry involvement, and notes. You also have the option to create custom fields within your member profiles so you have specific information you can filter by and search for within the member’s list. The member filters allow you to find exactly who you are looking for, and once you have your selected group of members, you can bulk email, text, export, assign to ministry, remove from ministry, update, or remove members from the database.


You may also:


  • Check in members with ease to the appropriate services, and the system will track and record their attendance within their member profile, and allow you to see service details and view and print reports.


  • Manage recurring services and one-time events, and customize dates on your Church Calendar.


  • Track service attendance giving, and print detailed service reports. Live check in your members, visitors, and children, to any service. For child check-in, choose to automatically print off a name tag and a parent copy for child pick-up.


  • Set up your ministries and sub ministries, assign your leaders and add members to ministries within seconds. Email, Text, and Export within each ministry overview.


In addition to the management side, we have recently launched our Member portal, which allows your members to access their Profile, Donations, and Check in to services and events from their mobile device. This will be very helpful when you want your active members to keep their personal information up-to-date, check in their children or themselves into a service/event, and view and print out their own donation statements.


Bottom line: If you’re looking for something functional that gives you the freedom to invent and customize a program that fits your church like a tailored suit, and still have the simplicity and speed of a ‘basic’ program, then you needn’t look further, my friend. Your search just ended with WCC-Lite.