Over the years I have watched Elexio grow. They have grown, not only as a company, and in the number of churches that use their services, but they have constantly grown in the many services they provide their customers. I first learned of them when they were providing websites, but they have continued to offer solutions, including ChMS, mobile, check-in, giving, their kiosk, and now “text-to-give” service. Because they have continued to add services and products over the years, it is time for a rebranding! So, I interviewed Elexio to help us all understand what they are doing! Enjoy!


Why did Elexio choose to make a change to its branding?

Since launching it in 2011, we’ve referred to our suite of integrated church software as Amp. Each individual product had an elusive name, too. Amp Fusion was the name of our ChMS database solution, for example. But as we continued to grow, all these new names grew more and more confusing for our partner churches—and for our own staff. One church even had to print cards for staff and volunteers that included a key to help them remember these names.

But our software is designed to simplify ministry—not make it more challenging. That’s why we invested plenty of time and resources to make this transition. We listened to the feedback from churches. Many of them were thrilled with the software, but couldn’t remember whether Vibe was our website CMS or check-in software. So we switched to simple, self-explanatory names.

We also moved away from individual logos and colors for each of our solutions to one cohesive brand. After all, it is an integrated suite that’s intended to be used together.

It’s easy to get focused on the next release or shiny new feature and neglect branding. So while our software is continuing to make great strides, we went back to the basics and rebuilt our brand from scratch.


How far do these branding changes extend?

While we’ve been gradually making some small changes for months, every aspect of our branding is now aligned with this new strategy.

We’ve completely overhauled our website to not only incorporate the new branding, but also improve the experience of visiting our website. We’ve made it easier for people to find what they need when learning about church software and Elexio. Rather than listing hundreds of features, we focus on the various steps of the assimilation and discipleship processes and how our software supports those goals—because we want to partner with churches who also value these functions of the local church and desire to grow.

Places where our customers go for information like our online HelpCenter also got a facelift. We’ve even made changes within our solutions, but these updates to terminology and design won’t affect functionality.


Why did Elexio choose the new branding?

The new branding is visually appealing and easy to understand—even for someone new to church software.

Beyond making it easier on the eyes, we wanted every aspect of our new branding to reflect our mission, vision, and culture here at Elexio. We’re kingdom-minded and dedicated to the local church, but we’re also light-hearted and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We hope that everything from the colors we chose to the names we use represent this unique culture and Elexio’s commitment to the church.


How will these changes help both your current customers and churches looking for software?

All of these changes will improve the experience of churches dealing with Elexio and make our tools easier to understand and remember. Church staff and volunteers won’t have a list of confusing name to memorize—they’ll already know the self-explanatory names. Customers can easily find the support they need. And the updates to our website will help those churches that are shopping around but don’t really know what they’re looking for just yet.


How did Elexio tackle this major project?

It was a combined effort. Several members of the Elexio team chipped in from designing pages to writing content to shooting photos. We’re blessed with a lot of people who are talented and motivated to help the local church.