In a bit of a strange move, Accordance Bible Software signaled the upcoming release of Accordance 11, the company’s powerful Bible study software. They released what they call Accordance 11 Collections, but not the 11th version of Accordance Bible Software. It’s likely this was done to take advantage of Pastor Appreciation Month, which comes in October of each year.

Head on over the Accordance blog to learn more about the collections and watch a video from the company’s designated online training guru, Dr. J. ( to see them.

Here’s the news release that explains the move by Accordance to release the collections ahead of the actual Accordance 11 update.


Today we are very pleased to announce Accordance 11 Collections. As many Accordance users know, Collections are the best way to build one’s Accordance Library. If you are new to Accordance, you will want to select the Collection that is best suited to your work. If you are a longtime Accordance user, consider upgrading to the next Collection level using Accordance’s new Custom Upgrades.

All of our Collections have been updated. While all the Collections will have titles we have carried in the past, there are also new additions that we will highlight below.

Click on the Buy Now button with each Collection to see a complete listing of all titles provided with a particular Collection. Go to the Collections Comparison Chart ( to see the Accordance 11 Collections compared side by side.


Note: Accordance 11 has not yet been released but it IS included in these new Collections. It will be available to you immediately upon its release if you buy a Collection now.

If you own Accordance 9 or 10 your Upgrade Calculator in Easy Install/Check for Updates will list the modules you would add with the different updates.


Notice the bold print. Accordance 11 is, so far, MIA. As we already pointed out, this month is Pastor Appreciation Month, so we’re betting they wanted to get in on that marketing opportunity. Buying a collection will also include the updated version, once it’s finally ready.

Accordance didn’t offer a timetable for when the new version will ship. We’re betting it’s sooner than later, due to this move to offer these collections. Expect Accordance 11 itself soon, but we can’t give a date. By the time you read this, the update may already show up at the company’s website (


Accordance 11 Collection Prices

Here’s a list of the collections and their prices for first-time buyers. Remember that people who already own an Accordance Bible Software library, can get a discounted price so they don’t need to pay for the same books twice.



Accordance offers a comparison chart to show the difference between each collection ( To see what your custom upgrade price will be do the following:

  1. Click the previous link.
  2. Sign into your account from the My Account button in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the collection you’d like, and place your mouse over the collection image to show the popup link.
  4. Click the See Product Page button and a new window will open up in your browser.
  5. Click on Custom Upgrade to find your special price.

I tested this out using the Essential Collection as my chosen upgrade. Remember that it costs $499 if you don’t own an Accordance library. My upgrade price, taking into account all the books I already own, was $350.13. If I picked the Ultimate Collection, I’d save almost $370 off the $1999 price. Also, Accordance offers monthly payment plans. For example, I can buy the Essential Collection for about $90 for 6 months.


Is Accordance a Good Buy?

If you already own an advanced Bible Study tool that they love, it doesn’t make sense to buy Accordance, which comes with a steep learning curve to get the most out of the power included. One exception would be someone who owns a Windows-only product but plans to switch to a Mac soon. Accordance runs great on a Mac and even includes a Windows version. Cross-platform users can install and run it on a Mac and on a PC at their office. An iPad version lets users access all of their library tools. They don’t offer an Android version.

Accordance includes extremely powerful features with customization options. People who don’t already own an advanced tool should seriously take a look at Accordance. Grab the trial version ( and test it out first, then invest in the Starter Collection, if you like what you see in the trial. If you find that it doesn’t fit your style of Bible study or sermon prep, you’re not out too much money.