Yesterday, I heard from about a dozen readers after we sent out the eblast promoting the Noah movie. All were upset. Some questioned my integrity and assumed that our decision to allow the Noah movie folks to market to our list was based solely on my greed for money. So, I thought I would send out a short email to help explain my position.

I welcome any opportunities that will help increase the conversation about God and the Bible between Christian and non-Christian, between friends, between family members, between neighbors, and the Noah movie provides that opportunity. The Noah movie doesn’t claim to be a Christian/Biblical version, although it is based upon the Bible account. Yes, they take liberties. Yes, they assume emotions and feelings about Noah that I probably wouldn’t assume. Yes they embellish. Is everyone involved a theologian? No. Is everyone involved a Christian? No.

I haven’t seen the entire movie, but I have heard from several now that have. Here is a recent video produced by Cooke Pictures that reveals much about this movie. When you watch it, be sure to watch it to the end and see the quotes and comments from major Christian ministries that are excited about the potential when this movie hits the theaters!

Another person that has seen the movie is Pamela Rose Williams from Here is her review, including a recording of an interview with the director.

I know that some believe since the movie embellishes and includes plots other than those shared in the Bible, the movie should be shunned by Christians, and anyone (such as myself) that helps to market it is also corrupt and should be shunned (three of those that complained made it clear they would be unsubscribing).

What we do here at Christian Computing (and have for 25 years) is to provide information on how to use technology to enhance and expand ministry. We provide the magazine completely for free. I consult across the nation, speak at conferences and do Christian radio and never ask for a fee. We feel what we do is ministry. We DO need to make money, and therefore, we do take sponsors and advertisers. We have, over the years, turned down advertisers because we didn’t like their product or the way they do business. We didn’t turn down this advertiser because of the reasons I have already stated.

I am distressed that this movie has caused such uproar in the Christian community. Frankly, I found several things about the Bible series that the History Channel ran to be contrary to my beliefs about scripture, yet said nothing because I felt the opportunities this series provided us to discuss God and our beliefs about the Bible were worth it.

What grieves me most is once again the nation gets to witness Christians throwing stones at each other, and at someone’s attempt to produce a movie based upon a Biblical character.  The church in America is dying. More Christians stay away from church than attend, and one of their main reasons is because we are so quick to judge, condemn and shun.

I believe MORE damage is done to Christianity by the negative outcry against the movie than by the movie itself. Our nation is tired of seeing us argue and once again stand against something. In polls, when people are asked what they think about the church, they begin to state a long list of things we are against. No one seems to know what we are for.

One of my staff members said it best. If we killed the movie, and instead spent millions to rent theaters across this nation and paid to pack them full of people in order to have someone simply read the Biblical account of Noah, there would be lots of arguments, complaints, name calling and judging… over which translation they chose to use for the reading.

I am sorry I offended some of you. I believe the movie will cause much discussion about God and what the Bible has to say, and for that I support it. I hope that if you disagree with my decision, you will stay with us and benefit from the many other things we do that hopefully bless your ministry.

THIS JUST IN – I just heard an account of how those watching the premier (mostly press) were bussed out together after the showing of the movie. One Christian reporter was sitting next to a non-Christian who appeared to be visibly moved from the showing of the movie. They talked and visited for about an hour, and the Christian reporter led the other woman to the Lord. I am NOT able to share names, and I am not sure this story (with names) will be published BUT it is a great encouragement to me to see that this movie IS being used to bring up conversations about God and the Bible, and people are already coming to the Lord as a result.