If you have a church app (or are considering getting one), you’ve probably heard discussion about how Apple’s recent App Store guidelines are reshaping the church app market. Frankly, fear, uncertainty, and doubt have dominated the conversation.

And that’s a shame. It’s completely unnecessary.

Some app publishers are simply not telling the truth about how their mobile apps will change in the coming months and years. Unfortunately, that’s led to tons of confusion.

Any change is tough, but this one will usher in some great innovations in the church app space. Really, the best is yet to come.

That was the theme behind a recent webinar that echurch’s Kent Woodyard hosted with James Maiocco and Josh Robb.

The webinar, entitled How to Thrive in Apple’s Evolving App Store, describes the recent Apple App Store guideline changes and explained the potential impact upon church apps.

Some of the key questions Maiocco and Robb explored included:

• How do we know whether rule 4.2.6 will apply to our church’s mobile app?

• How will echurch’s mobile app strategy change in light of these guidelines?

• What is a consolidated app and why will it provide a better custom mobile app experience for app users?

• What options will our churches have for mobile engagement moving forward?

• How will echurch app users transition to the new consolidated mobile app?

• What does the future of the echurch mobile experience look like?

Whether you have a mobile app or are exploring the possibility of getting one, you’ll want to watch this webinar. If you missed it the first time, you can still watch a replay. Click below to get instant access to the webinar replay!