Your Church Can Have a Video Ministry

Thinking about starting a video ministry at your church?  “What should I buy?” and “Won’t it cost a fortune?” are probably just a couple of the questions that keep you moving forward.  Finding the right equipment and meeting a budget can be intimidating.  This video gives you some ideas of what you’ll need and specific suggestions on what you should buy.  And best of all, the equipment the hosts suggest can be purchased for $1500.00.

In this video, you’ll get some ideas on cameras, lenses, microphones, lights and more and what those suggestions will cost.

Dan Johnson, Technical and Facilities Director at Mars Hill Church in Seattle took a look at the video for us and said his only additional suggestion would be a DC power connector for your camera or extra batteries. You won’t be able to get by without one or the other. He also recommends you shop around because there are deals to be had.

Mike O’Brien, who conducts worship team development and training in Atlanta, also says some thought should be put into making your room sound better.  He says attenuating the room where you shoot will give your videos a more direct, less ambient sound.  You’ll notice the difference immediately.  And as the hosts in the video point out, viewers are more likely to complain about bad audio than bad video.  O’Brien gave us a link to acoustic products that you might also want to consider in your budget.

Here are some of the products recommended in the video and links.  Prices may have changed since this video was shot. And don’t forget to check other video equipment distributors. You might find a variety of prices.

Panasonic G7 camera

Pancake Lens

Rode NTG shotgun mic

Saramonic Smart Rig + preamp

Amazon backpack

Pelican 1510 carrying case

Gitzo tripods

Benro tripods

Glide Gear TMP 50 teleprompter