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+ Defining Features

  • Hosted Onsite
  • Hosted Offsite
  • Provides Check-in
  • Provides Accounting

+ General

  • Individual and Family Photos are Displayed
  • Prints Membership Directories without Photos
  • Allows individuals to determine what personal information is visible via online access
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) Updates
  • Includes Dashboard
  • Includes small group management features
  • Retreat / Event Registrations with A/R Tracking
  • Bookstore (Inventory / POS) Module
  • Prints Color Photo Directories
  • Create Customized Print Forms
  • Software or Service is Suited for Churches
  • Software or Service is Suited for Para-Church and Ministries
  • Denominational Unique Edition or Pricing
  • Spanish, French, or Multilingual versions
  • Congregation/Donor Database
  • Can Separately Track Multiple Congregations
  • Can Move a Family Member with their Data Intact
  • Support Avery forms

+ Membership

  • Tracks special events in the life of members
  • Feature matches visitors with outreach team members
  • Gift/Skill based volunteer matching
  • Tracks Attendance

+ Staff Management Tools

  • Task Management and Assignment
  • Staff ToDo lists with personal reminders

+ Web-Based Solutions

  • Provides Facility / Equipment Calendar Scheduler
  • Backups Archived at Multiple Locations
  • Membership Access
  • RIA - Rich Internet Application
  • SaaS accessed via browser
  • SaaS - Accessed via a thin client download

+ Website Features

  • Members can view check/envelope images online
  • Can create personalized calendar for each user based upon ministry/group involvement
  • Can post event registrations received via website
  • Provides online Pictoral Directory
  • Provides complete web solution including home site features
  • Permission/Security Levels
  • Provides Online Giving
  • Calendar Scheduler Can Feed Ministry's Website
  • Provides online training

+ Check-In Features

  • Supports Touch Screen Interface
  • Supports Self Check-in via bar code scanning
  • Supports Self Check-in via RFID
  • Provides 'real time' attendance tracking information across all ministries
  • Generates ID tags for check-in volunteers
  • Supports Volunteer-assisted check-in
  • A unique security code is generated that is randomly assigned at the time of check-in
  • Provides option to generate 'asset tags'
  • Provides label and/or name tags at check-in
  • Provides Secure Check-In
  • Check in security features specific for children and nursery
  • Secure 'Check-out' for nursery and children, including picture verification of authorized pick-up individuals
  • Child check-in security receipt does not contain location or personal information of child
  • Allows multiple activities check-in with a single check-in instance

+ Accounting and Contribution Features

  • Fixed Assets Tracking Depreciation
  • Meets Canadian contribution tax regulations and requirements
  • Time Clock Interface
  • Accounts Payable
  • Can Set Up as Either Accrual or Cash Basis
  • Invoices can be automatically distributed to expense accounts
  • Purchase order tracking (authorization, process, budget & General Ledger Interface)
  • Payroll with Minister's Salary Capabilities (Housing, SECA, etc.)
  • Payroll ACH Direct Deposit
  • Accrues Vacation & Sick Time Available
  • Vacation Scheduler with Ability to Show Composite Schedule
  • Fixed Assets Tracking Maintenance
  • Can Post Gifts Received via Website
  • Can Track Pledges
  • Graphic Analysis
  • Tracks Gifts in Kind
  • Can Select Either Fixed (Straight Line) or Variable (Seasonal) Budgeting
  • Has a Secure, Unalterable Audit Trail (not just password protected)
  • Adheres to FAS 95 and 117 accounting standards for non profit financial reporting
  • MICR (check) Reader Capability
  • Automatically Tracks Multiple Fund Balances
  • General Ledger
  • Can Store Check and Envelope Images
  • Fixed Assets Tracking Inventory
  • Can Re-assign Envelope Numbers
  • Automatically Balance Funds when Transferring Between Funds
  • Statements Can Be Automaticaly Sent via Email

+ Government Tax Forms and Reports

  • W2's
  • 1096 Form
  • 1098 Form
  • 940 Form
  • 941 Form
  • W3
  • California Wage and Withholding
  • Annual 1099's
  • Worker's Comp Audit
  • Sales and Local Taxes Report
  • Sales Tax Report

+ Communication Features

  • Data is Accessible & Fully Exportable in Multiple Formats
  • Intranet / Internet Web Browser Interface
  • Can be Network Based with Multiple Concurrent User Access
  • Prints U.S. Postal Bar Codes
  • Can send group specific broadcast text messages
  • Bulk Email is Mail Merge Capable
  • Can Include Attachments with Bulk Email
  • Can Send Individually-Addressed Bulk Emails
  • Tracks Individual's Communication Preferences
  • Seamless integration with Constant Contact for broadcast HTML emails
  • Users Can Add / Modify Fields to Database
  • Seamless integration with BombBomb for broadcast HTML emails
  • Certified Postal CASS
  • Field-Level Access / Entry Security
  • Provides interface with FaceBook
  • Certified Postal PAVE

+ Internet Based Server / Web Accessed ChMS

  • Runs on Ministry's Local / Internal Server
  • Runs Hosted on Off-Site Hosted Server
  • If hosted, Server(s) is Multi-Homed to Different Internet Backbones
  • If hosted, Server(s) is Geographically Mirrored

+ Price Range

  • $2,001 and higher
  • $1,501 - $2,000
  • $1,001 - $1,500
  • $601 - $1,000
  • $401 - $600
  • $201 - $400
  • $0 - $100
  • $101 - $200


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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

Director of Technology

Jonathan Smith is the Director of Technology at Faith Ministries in Lafayette, Indiana. You can reach Jonathan at [email protected] and also follow him on Twitter @JonathanESmith.